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This personal project of mine was inspired by the classic “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” movie. The final composition involves forced perspective and digital manipulation to create the illusion that I’m only a few inches tall, lounging on my laptop. Lighting and shadowing were crucial in this image in order to sell the image as authentic.

How I Made It

This was a quick project I did in the middle of the night when my creative juices were flowing! I lifted my mattress off my bed and used the frame to sit on as I took photos of myself until I was satisfied with the perspective. I then took a photo of the scene I would be sitting in and stitched all the layers together in Photoshop.

Project Details

Title Digital Vacation

Created: 31 December 2014

Tools: Adobe Ps, DSLR Camera

Tags: Forced Perspective

Full Res: Download (483 KB)

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