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RezGuide is a project facilitated by REACTR, the development team at Fanshawe College. RezGuide is a website and a mobile application that first year students can download in order to stay connected with upcoming school events, other students and faculty members, and use to navigate to classrooms around campus. RezGuide is fully functional and is expected to formally launch in the 2015 school year.

How I Made It

As a team member of REACTR it was my job as Lead Designer to create all assets (buttons, logos, images, layout etc.) for RezGuide. Coming on to the team after two years of development, I was tasked with revamping the entire website and mobile app to more closely reflect the colours and style of Fanshawe’s official school website. Check out the micro launch site that was made to promote RezGuide.

Project Details

Title RezGuide

Created: 10 October 2015

Tools: Web / App Dev Tools

Tags: App, Web Design

Online: RezGuide Micro Site

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