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Mini is associated with its physical style and quality - it defines itself as a “fun, energetic, cheeky, stylish, self-confident, reliable and exciting car company”. With this in mind, this advertisement reflect its heritage by illustrating a thrill-injected piece of artwork that was inspired by Hot Wheels and the excitement of watching cars loop around a track.

How I Made It

Inspired by my favourite childhood toys, Hot Wheels, this idea was brought to life after hours of careful planning and brainstorming. Next, it was brought into Cinema 4D where I created the loop’s skeleton. This was then brought into Photoshop where I added other assets, textures and filters to get to the final product. Flip through the image gallery below to see my process.

Project Details

Title Mini Cooper Advertisement

Created: 31 March 2014

Tools: Adobe PS, Cinema 4D

Tags: Digital Art, Visual FX

Full Res: Download (1 Mb)

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