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This piece of digital design allowed me to flex my imagination, and think outside of reality and into the realm of surrealism. I was inspired by a cartoon sketch and decided to bring it to life with my own twist and interpretation. This was entirely an experimental project that stands as one of my greatest works that provokes independent thought and meaning.

How I Made It

I first took photos of objects in the room as I held or threw them in the air. I also took many different pictures of myself on the bed with my limbs in different positions. Next, I I brought them all in to Photoshop and masked out the parts I didn’t want to be visible and blended layers together. This way, I was then able to achieve a realistic floating effect with each object in the image.

Project Details

Title Head Above the Water

Created: 18 February 2015

Tools: DSLR Camera, Adobe Ps

Tags: Digital Design

Full Res: Download (1 Mb)

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