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Fanshawe College hosted a design competition to create a new student handbook cover. It had to reflect aspects of Fanshawe College and what the institution can offer. My winning design recognized Fanshawe’s new aviation program starting in the 2014 school year and represented the limitless heights an education from Fanshawe College can take you.

How I Made It

This design was inspired by a piece of artwork by an unknown artist, titled “Floating Puzzle Pieces”. The Fanshawe logo was rendered in Cinema 4D and brought into Photoshop where I added assets such as the airplane, clouds, and starry sky. Finally, I prepared it for printing in InDesign, creating bleed marks, crop marks, and allowing space for the binding gutter.

Project Details

Title Fanshawe Handbook Cover

Created: 13 March 2013

Tools: Adobe Ps & ID, Cinema 4D

Tags: Print, Graphic Design

Full Res: Download (785 KB)

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