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This mock Canon T1i advertisement attempts to visualize a key selling point of Canon’s (then) new DSLR – its reduced weight. The advertisement exaggerates the DSLR’s feather-like weight by sitting on top of a pyramid of cards, a very delicate structure. The tower of cards and the camera on top also work together to symbolize market hierarchy; the T1i is the top DSLR in its consumer class.

How I Made It

I first brainstormed ideas and researched Canon’s previous ads in order to follow their “feel” and aesthetics. I used a stock image of a tower of playing cards and took a photo of my own Canon T1i in my outstretched hand in order to get the perspective just right. From this point I brought all the assets into Photoshop, cropped, edited, and used lighting and shadowing techniques in order to bring this ad to life.

Project Details

Title Canon T1i Advertisement

Created: 26 February 2014

Tools: Adobe Ps, iPhone Camera

Tags: Digital Design, Marketing

Full Res: Download (277 KB)

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